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Full text of “BYTE 09 OCR”

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A little employment Is worth a world of charity. Editorials then, voiced expectation the moratorium would be prolonged and the debt schedules would be revised. American lawyers promise a thriller which will challenge the best on the nation’s bookshelf.

Their Job will be to prove that their story Is fact and the German lawyers will try Just as hard to prove it fiction. July Another outstanding feature of this year’s sales Is the fact that In every case new homes have been constructed on them, thus increas- ing the city’s assets.

The number of reverted lots held by the city totals 3, Of this total. Another encouraging feature is that reverted lots held by the city represent oply 3 per cent of the city’s total assessment.

Both seed and table stock pota- toes, according to reports received here from various parts of New Brunswick. The na- ture of the disease and methods of combating it are the subject of an inquiry by officials of the Dominion Plant Pathological Service.

And It la learned reliably that potatoes which are found to be In- flicted will not be passed on inspec- tion, which means a certain pro- portion of the province’s surplus will not be exportable. With the senator’s passing, na- tion-wide attention was directed toward Washington State while awaiting Oovernor Roland H. Hart- ley’s appointment of his successor, a move which may decide party control of the Benate at the coming short session.

The Oovernor, in a message of condolence announced from In office at Olympia, indicated no action would be taken in the matter until after funeral services, which have been set for Monday after- noon at 3 o’clock. Republican national committeeman, and Senator-elect Homer T.

Bone, who defeated Sen- ator Jones in the recent election. Republican organization leadcrt were urging Reed for the position, while Bone supporters believed the Oovernor may recognize Bone’s decisive victory and start his career in Washington with the short ses- sion.

McKinley Conn on, son application for reconsideration of of the worst water scourges In years. Members of the royal family will be permitted to hold any ap- pointive office but cannot enter politics or run for elective the debts but that Mr had to reconsider his The newspaper comment! The Lausanne Conference agreed to reduction in reparations due the Allies irom Oermany. Column 4 Hoover now Bridges have been washed out. The ten-mile stretch of highway leading to Bella Coola Is still impassable to traffic and water still covers a large area of farming land In the vicinity.

No estimate of damage can be made unUl the water recedes. No toss of life has been reported, but farmers will probablv suffer considerable loss to crops The river protection work above Bella Coola haa given way In places and the water has poured through onto farm lands, of the enterprises have dug Into the Robson 8t.

He was taken more conclusive proof. If pres- ent plans held by the Liquor Con- trol Board are carried Into execu- tion by the Government. Officials of the board said yesterday that price revision was under way, and a schedule of amended prices would be submitted to the Oovemmer.

Full benefit for the difference made by the change will be passed on by the board to the public. Authorities said the miners given up for dead were Oeorgc Weston. Mrs Weston summoned Reed and Charles Weston and sent them to find her husband and son.

Upon reaching the mine. Reed and Charles Weston started down the shaft to locate the missing men. Realizing the cause of his com- panion’s collapse and himself sens- ing the effects of the gas, Charles Weston started bark, to emerge reeling and staggering, and ran for aid. Those who managed to get farthest in the shaft reported they believed they could sec the body of Reed Weston.

No trace of the other two was seen. Jap- an ;tands immovable on the policy of Manchukuos Independence, it was said. Honduras, Nov. The city was taken yesterday afternoon without any fighting, the Government reported, and the rebels, consisting of Liberals de- feated in the recent presidential election, retreated toward Gracuaa.

Another official report was that a rebel group had occupied Danll, which the local commandant, Gen- eral Alejandro Plate, with a few loyal troops, evacuated as the rebels 1 approached. Other rebel groups entered the small towns of Cantarranas and Villa San Francisco, and there was some looting. Loyal troops under Oeneral Juan Valladares occupied progreso. Only recently Marconi told the Society for Advancement of Science that Italy was embarking on a pro- gramme of scientific research on a vast scale.

Wilfred Hole. Mathow Valley rancher, died today in a hlsplfal Averlll. Hole was brought to a hospital, but died without regaining con- sciousness. Officers said he had ordered Averlll to to Hole s daughter ments of the courts. It struck a brand new summons book. Just Issued to the officer, and was de- flected so that It Inflicted only a flesh wound. West Africa, the crew of eight was attacked by Moon, radio patches received today aaid.

Sutton, of South Pasadena, student of earlier Indian civili- zation of the Southwest. Some The feet on the Inside to a forty-acre adults aat with their faces to the floor wall. The crater is near Hol- brook. Sutton suggests that in the twin- kling of an eye this crash destroyed I believe the cataclysm occurred during the daytime, when hunters were on the ranges and all the younger women were in the fields.

I tury. Gordon Ledingham Dr. Ransom e Sutton, a newspaper science writer who has been study- ing results of exploration work, sug- gests that the body was a real comet Instead of a meteor. Agreement with this view is expressed by Dr. Beth B. Pasadena who said : “So far as anyone knows, it had all the characteristics of a comet.

Douglass, director of the Stewart to have been within a short time after Douglass has found that tree rings ln timbers used in the cliff and then only by a new race.

That the fight against the re- strictions of the Versailles Treaty will be carried on and Intensified. That a Cabinet headed by Hitler would consider its cardinal domestic task to be to get the Jobless Theatre! He is a prospector and in all sorts of weather tintU it keeps in a fine con- dition. Owned and Controlled” Plant at Abbotsford, B. The youth was sought for killing Frank Jordan, thirty-eight, last Wednesday night. The holdup man trussed Oulsinger, tossed him from his car and held Miss Henry prisoner for several hours.

Varecha was taken to Miss Henry’s home, but the young woman, still ill and hysterical, was unable posi- tively to Identify him, police said. Varecha had been trailed to the theatre by the patron of a nearby barber shop, who recognized him and summoned police fence Minister, had to be reconciled to Hitler, against whom he felt strongly because ln the meeting with President, August 13, when the Nazi leader demanded all or nothing.

Next it was necessary to Induce Otto Melssner, the President s politi- cal adviser, to look more favorably on the Nazi chieftain. Finally the moment came for men having the President’s ear to tell him that the Nazi leader was not the terribte fellow some persons made him out. Burns cheaper fuel and saves you money. Continued from Page 1 of nearly all the countries of the civilized world. The highwayman fled after plication ln the organization of our civilized life in such a way as to force the attention of even the most thoughtless; fourthly, by means of public discussions in books and current magazines.

In- tended for popular consumption, of the shooting and a short while later Oulsinger and Miss Henry were held up only a few blocks away by a youth whose description fitted Jordan’s slayer, and. Immediately after the fire, caused by an explosion when a gasoline lamp was being filled, an Eskimo started a stxty-mlle trek over snow trails to Wiseman. He covered the distance ln fifteen and a half hours, arrived there yesterday afternoon, and a radio message telling of the fire was sent here.

Thirteen more bodies were re- turned to the shore today by the sea. He lost another child and forty-one relatives when the tropical hurricane launched the tidal wave on the coast. The gunboat 24 De Febrero picked up three shipwrecked fishermen, so exhausted, they could not speak. A little change In the tariff relating to the plpea found two doughty Scots from Van- couver on the alert ln the House of Commons last night.

Thev won their points by a few witty sallies. Ian Mackenzie Lib- eral, Vancouver Centre , when the item was called during consideration of the Imperial Conference agree- ment with the United Kingdom. He admitted he owned a bagpipe; he admitted he was responsible for the music that comes from the top floor late at night, on Saturdays and on holi- days. He was a dear lover of the bagpipes and “was pleased that the bagpipes were being classed as musi- cal instruments.

I protest against any more bagpipes coming into this building,” broke in J. Woodsworth Labor. Winnipeg North Centre. Reid is so delighted about this matter. Rhodes continued, to do all he could to have bagpipe parts enter free. Phone ns and let ns prove the quality of our service. Patrons from these districts enjoy City Prices.

The majority of the trees. More physics, chemistry and biology, which are at the moment agitating the minds of our scientific lead- ers. Another trees are being shipped this year than ever before.

ONT mooty reiuoded. We Specialise in Warm Air Purree. Repalra i W. Pilot 8. Robbins took off for Koyukuk He returned today with Dubin. It was bank holiday and Bert, the farm laborer, had donned his best rlothes for the occasion, and had also put on his newly acquired boots. While parading the village he met the local postman. But why did ye get such big boots? D PEAR. Most papers link the pound ster- lings erratic course during the week with the debts discussion and Indicate a further fall is probable If the debt installment is paid from dollars in the equalization fund leaving the fund too small ‘or ster- ling stabilization purposes.

The directors of the Chamber of Commerce, at their luncheon meet- ing on Monday, will have presented to them a proposal looking to a plan being formulated for the resuscita- tion of business activity ln the city.

A delegation that has been actively engaged in the investigation of the matter and has gathered much In- formation on the subject will ap- pear before the directors and un- fold the details of the plan which has been evolved by them as the best possible solution of the difficul- ties.

The project to be placed before the meeting is not something that has not hern tested out. It has. In fact, ln large measure been carried cit successfully in some cities on the continent and it is claimed for it that the carrying out of Its de- tails is easily within the reach of a cltv like Victoria The Chamber of Commerce has been anxious to aaslst In every way In the revival of trade and has lent Its support to everything that looked like aiding in the line indicated There promises to be a large at- tendance at the luncheon so that the committee which has the matter in hand may be enabled to have it fully dLscusaed with the Idea of launching the project without delay ng snort session oi Congress; during the to change the prohibition laws.

Roosevelt, the Democratic presi- dential nominee, and others who HowarVB” fteid did not. C Cooke ai A. Ueorteaon O O Hunt Mrs. Jackson 2S0 8 L.

W Davit in. C avails A leortre-oti C O. Even before discussion of this’ proposal was revealed today, how- ever, the pofisibllrty of a change In’ the prohibition laws at this session had overshadowed other Issues lnj statements from members gather- ing for the opening of Congress.

Wet and dry leaders were watch- ing these pronouncements closely for a line on what effect the recent elections would have on the hold- over Congress in connection with the prohibition question. The prediction that nothing will be done has come from one man only.

Senator Borah. Idaho, though many of the former dry leaders have not yet returned to have their say. Room Twelve” “My. Who sent the others? They all said: ‘Shell know whom they come from Well. Lamb, per lb,.. If you would] avoid the risk of chapping and 1 chafing uae the soothing and hoaJ- I Inn “Babya Own Soap” — Canada ‘a I choice of a toilet and nursery soap ; for over five generations. RJC , son of A. Wheeler, of Sidney, has completed an Inter- esting trip begun last March when he left Quetta.

British Baluchistan. India, to revisit his old home here during an eighteen months’ fur- lough. Accompanied by his wife and young son, Major Wheeler made the trip from India to England via Africa, entering that continent by British Portuguese East Africa and thence traveling to Rhodesia, Dur- ban and Capetown, the port Ar sailing.

He made an opportunity to visit Victoria Falls, and says that they more than surpassed all that he had heard about them in respect of beauty and magnificence.

Prom the scenic point of view, Niagara Falls, far-famed and wonderful as they are. But they spent some months In England, and on the occasions when they came up to London found It difficult even to secure a first class compartment to themselves.

Things looked cheerier and brighter than they anticipated, one of the most obvious marks of the dull times being the falling off In theatre patronage. The result of this is that the stand- ard of living and the standard of entertaining Is much reduced. Per- sonally he had found that by mak- ing a few cuts In his expenditures he had Just about as much reserve as before the cut in his income.

In addition to the 10 per cent pay cut. The latter group had a sm-U retaining fee. The majority of those dismissed were native Indians, but whether European or native those dismissed received superannuation allowances on the regulation basis.

They continue to fulfil the same function today, although most of the engineers at the present time are engaged In road building and the construction of buildings. Of the o. Major Wheeler noted, are employed In ordinary military works. His own branch has to do with surveys. H Pooley. The Attorney-Gen- eral was In receipt of con- gratulations from many points In British Columbia, as a re- sult of resort to old-fashioned but highly satisfactory meth- ods of correction applied by parents at the suggestion of the department.

On the frontier, west of the Indus particu- larly, most of the functions of the public works department are car- ried out by the army officers, the Idea behind this being that In the cose of war It will not be necessary to call upon the civil population, while at the same time It keeps a certain number of armv officers on the spot In case of trouble. Wheeler, iounder.

In reply to a question, he said that while In England he had heard about the more-recentlv projected expedition, but could give no details whatever. It Is the sort of thing that will continue to appeal to the adventurous spirit, and the present projected expedition may be the lucky one. For it de- pends largely on luck, and luck means the right kind of weather and the right combination of numerous other circumstances ” he commented.

English Morris car which has come to this Continent, Major and Mrs. The honors were conferred last night at the annual banquet of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, attended by more than 1, persons of the movie colony.

For his acting In “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Beery and March were tied In the nominating votes of the actors’ branch of the academy. She was congratulated from New York through a special radio hook-up by Marie Dressier, last year s winner.

We are emphatic in stating that values are astonishing. So much mure f.. We have a dainty White Krinklc. COC flrt At. At Smart Dance Frocks for misses, in newest styles, featuring all the latest finishing touches at prices that will command your attention. WHO ha. Mi for England, to offer for sale his 8-Room Scmi- l. Best art direction— Gordon Wiles In “Transatlantic. Best work in sound reproduction —Paramount Studios.

Inaugurated as president of the academy, Conrad Nagel presided at the banquet. November December 1, Is the day set for the big festival, and from morning to night shoppers and business men will move to the strains of band music and orches- tral concerts. I Nearly a score of organized bands and orchestras will take part, it was announced yesterday. Pro- grammes will be given from manv of the principal stores, the different orchestras moving from place to place throughout the day.

The majority of the principal cities throughout the Dominion and the United States have successfully staged such a day.

Music is the most human of all arts, reachlnn all, regardless of color, flag or creed. It la a cynical commentary on an age of machinery that a special day must be set aside to observe living music. The programmes presented on “Living Music Day and Shop- pers’ Festival” are given free, with aim of promoting the cause of mu- sic In Victoria.

In- asmuch as Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on Sundays this year, the annual holiday Ls extended to a much longer period than it has been for many years. No definite announcement has been set, but regulations provide for the Christmas holidays starting the third Friday in December.

With the month opening late in the week, this brings the third Friday on December If It had started say on Monday, the holidays would have commenced on December Rich and palatable, containing hi K i proportion of essential vita- nuns— the mainstay of production.

Meat dealers also enjoyed a busy day and lamb and beef sales showed an Increase of more than 50 per cent over last week’s totals. Vegetables were In abundance and cabbages, spinach, parsnips and squash sold readily throughout the entire day. The booths specializing In home cooking offered many dainty attrac- tions, and cakes and pastry for the Sunday dinner table were easily disposed of.

As a special, the candy stall offered a novel creation, walnut volcanoes, something entirely new, and Judging from the response, this sweet should prove one of the most popular of the many fudges and chocolates offered.

A writer says that only those who have suffered can write modern fic- tion. If so. For Further Particulari Apply E. Empire Suite 7. Opposite Po. In ‘itiines itcd. Estimates are free. JOHN WOOD John Wood, of Linden Avenue, in officially announcing his candi- dature for election to the city school board In the forthcoming election, said he had been Induced to run as a result of many requests from friends and associates.

Today we are tlic only Cart- age company equipped to handle any class of moving, shipping or delivery. We are specialists. Sciatica, Lumbago. He ar- rived by the morrnruf steamer from Vancouver and left early In the aft- ernoon for Mexico City, which will oe his headquarters. While in the city. Palmer conferred with T. J Ooodlake. Phone G Victoria, B. Special orders given prompt attention. Igie Daily Colonist Publishing J. Business Manager. V CQI.

Subscribers in ordering change of address should particular to give both old and new address. Subscription rates by Mall: To Canada. Other classes In other countries have organized and marched, without gaining much for their toll and trouble except privation and experience. The marching farmers of Ireland Intend to protest against the ruinous policies of President de Valera.

Other interests have tried to reason with de Valera, pointing out the obvious errors of his political ways and the probable consequences to his coun- try; but the President of the Free 8tate Is not endowed with a mind that Is open to arguments prompted by either reason or common sense. He told the Irish farmers that if they lost the British market he could find markets for them elsewhere.

Germany did not want competi- tion in agricultural products from Ireland or any other country, for the German people were producing more than could be consumed within the boundaries of their country. But Liberals of broader views and clearer fore- sight than the leaders of that party at the pres- ent time see clearly that in opposing Imperial preferential trade the opposition Is not digging a pit for the feet of the Conservatives, but a pit which will engulf the Liberal party.

ANUU8 I. This rule edmiu it no The teaching profession and other educa- tional agencies in Manitoba Invited the public of that province to make schools and education a chief subject of thought and topic of con- versation during the second week of November, and the people of British Columbia have now been asked to reflect upon the same subject.

It lias a delicacy of to reduce taxation. Yet year In and delineation, a dream-like tempo and a spiritual tenderness that will evoke deep response In some read- ers and absolutely no response in ethers. The scenes and various places are beautifully depicted, but the whole effect Is a sensuous swirl of beauty and color rather than a but When the book opens one dis- ‘ ssl Wear sLiss has toldjier she should give Laura fully these year out taxes have steadily gone up in spite of all the promises, the worst being last year.

Why net cut out this ballyhoo and Join in some stated Improvements in taxa- tion? I honestly believe If six can- didates were to publish a platform, and mean It. Put empty houses on a tax free basis while unoccupied, as In England. Devise some means to prevent unfortunate home owners from losing their homes through to the poor, andjni health or other uncontrollable intends she will.

On ’causes. Pass an act. It Invited the public to consider her. The gist of the argument is essential to her happiness, and None of the continental nations of Europe would open their markets to Irish porducts. The British market was not only the only profitable but the only available market. Now the British market too has been closed, and the Irish farmers are going to ask their elected leader what he ls going to do about it.

He is going to stop the breeding of cattle In Ireland and make Ireland a country of wheat growers. If the Irish people cannot consume beef, they can consume wheat, and thus make Ireland self-contained and Independent. The difficulty, which possibly de Valera does not understand, is that nature has made Ireland supreme as a grazing country and has barred Ireland from over becoming a grain-producing country. Wheat may be grown in Ireland up to a certain point, but it can hardly ever be carried to the ripening point.

Thus even nature seems to have con- spired to defeat all the aspirations of the leader who has deluded the Irish people. Also there was admiration for Nick because Nick certainly was a totally dif- ferent being from the rest of them all; when he was there It always made her feel that she and the others were only playing a game In life— a game he him much ing.

Similar figures for this province are no doubt available and no doubt any community, family, or individual can profitably scrutinize its or his spending budget and consider whether some im- portant interests are being sacrificed while others are overemphasized. When it comes, there- fore, as of course it is bound to come, to the question as to what Inferences are to be drawn from figures like those mentioned above, there ls likely to arise some difference of opinion.

While the Education Week speakers present to the public their picture of the aims and method of operation of the great educational machine, the average taxpayer, while he views the picture with sympathy and due apprecia- tion, will undoubtedly have at the back of his mind an insistent and searching question, namely, whether the acknowledged benefits of education can or cannot be Just as well, or even better, achieved on a substantially smaller ex- penditure of money during a period of low prices and high purchasing power of money.

Fate, however, when all good men begin to take a deep interest l»ad made other plans, and the such measures they would easily be elected, and not one or two take a A “Restoration” Plate Is an Invaluable Asset for Business Men and Women I Let me show you rn ordinary dental plate and a “Restoration” Plate.

The differ -me is so obvious th. N business today it is the enthusiasm of youth— the a pearance of youth — that counts for so much. That is why the “Restoration” Plate idea makes such a tremen- dous impression on those who want to look their best.

A “Restoration” Plate does more than provide an attractive set of teeth It is an effort to return to the greater sim- plicity of the early church when the followers of Christ were spoken of as the “People of the way,” not only assenting to certain doctrines, the human race and. Victoria, B. The Oxford Group Movement, as re- ported in the newspapers appar- ently acknowledges that man needs to get right with his neighbor if he seriously desires to be right with his God.

Laura and Jim go to the! A but also walking in the way. The Oxford Movement is they are of God. The war comes and commonplace values art- overturned. Jim goes with his regiment, and Nick returns to en- list and later is wounded. Laura, not altogether uncon- scious of the old attraction, goes to visit Nick during his convaleaence and the inevitable happens.

Her quiescent love awakes after a movement that can awaken us from the lethargy into which the world has fallen today, surely must be energized by the Spirit of Ood L. Canada has produced its share of women, in both early and modern time a comparatively few of the notable women that Canada has produced have achieved public fame or notoriety, probably because they were content to do their duty in the somewhat limited sphere of the domestic circle, as in the case of the great-grandmother of Belleville Street men- tioned in The Colonist of Saturday morning.

Both have taken ad- vantage of the rights of women and played con- spicuous parts in the public life and thought of the country. Both are Liberals In politics.

McClung is moderate and reasonable in her views. Miss Macphall ls extreme in her views. Even when a Liberal government was in power In Canada Miss Macphall, while she fol- lowed her leader laggardly and supported the policies of his government reluctantly, emphat- ically declared in her speeches in parliament the salvation of the country depended upon the enactment of extremely radical measures. If Miss Macphall could see no silver lining on the clouds when Mr. King was In power, the state of her mind is of course depressing in the ex- treme now that a Conservative government ls In power.

As a rule and we make this confession In all humility , we read few speeches made by po- litical women, and derive but little profit from the few speeches by political women we do read. But we were deeply interested in the speech made by Mrs. McClung in Victoria on Friday evening. We were Impressed by that speech be- cause it was so different from the speeches ordinarily made by Miss Macphall, and indeed because it was so different from the speeches which have been made, and probably will con- tinue to be made, by male Liberals in Parlia- ment.

There ls no silver lining on the clouds of the political horizon that can be seen with the eye of Imagination l. Mc- Clung appears to take a wider, broader and deeper view of the situation In Canada. She sees a silver fringe on the black cloud of depression. Of course there arc certain features of the eco- nomic situation in the world today which Mrs. McClung as a Liberal deplores. She deprecates the toll-gates which have been raised along the highways of commerce. So do must people for that matter; but the obstructions cannot be at- tributed to the deliberate actions of the Cana- dian people or any Canadian government.

When nations are assailed, in their business or in other ways, they must adopt defensive measures, un- less they are utterly devoid of national spirit. Conversely, when a government representa- tive of national spirit takes measures designed to destroy the toll-gates which have been raised alonf certain avenues of commerce, the policy of that government should receive the hearty, even the generous, support of all true believers In free trade.

If free trade Is sound in principle a wide measure of freer trade Is at least a par- tial relief from the obstructive toll-gates of pro- tection. Our Impression from the speech of Mrs.

McClung Is that if she were in Parliament she would not oppose the principle of preferential trade within the British Empire and that In that respect she Is more truly Liberal in her views than the Liberals In Parliament, who are r In public affairs. We do not suppose there ever was a time when greater interest was displayed in the municipal affairs of Victoria— that Is, lf the number oi candidates eager and willing to serve the city in a public capacity be a true in- dication of the state of mind of the electors.

Mentality can then become refined, And so perceive mere outward form as naught Except a battleground, on which ls fought The constant war of spirit partly blind. With spirit purified of all desire Tlvat urges it to take material form. There can no spark of selfishness remain To start the anguish of a cleansing fire; Each atom, in that sea devoid of storm, Looks only for the universal gain.

York A rtian with a smarting sense of prior defeat has. Paul T. Red Cross treat you? Has It German psychologist. It may serve as a comfort to us in all our calamities and afflictions that he that loses anything and gets wisdom by it ls a gainer by the loss — L’Estrange.

The Weather Meteorological Office, Victoria. November 19, West Coast” Forecast— Light to moderate north and west winds; partly cloudy, and colder at night. The two minutes’ silence— the very heart- beat of Remembrance Day — brought back thoughts of the war, and Red Cross, which are inseparable. Thoughts of the thousands of military and voliuitary aid hospitals, with their constantly moving throng Of battered men.

Terrible thoughts of the sea-front at Brighton, where most of the amputation cases were sent, too terrible to write about. The thought of a quick grasp pre- venting a shell -shocked man from falling downstairs, as he staggered along the hall of the hospital, who became temporarily insane.

Re- membrance indeed. Think what the Red Cross did for you then! All you men and women who served, and were sent to hospital; how did the for- gotten the men in hospitals or men- tal homes, after fourteen years? What pitiful reminders were seen among the thousands who gathered to do honor to the dead, the dead iobi who are happy.

Of course, they are happy, because “Greater love na’h no man than this — ” But these wrecks of men. In this period of wage-cutting and re- duced revenue for most people, it has become common practice to try and get the best possible value for what, we spend. This rule might be consistently applied to the nearly- due municipal election. In return the taxpayer ls supposed to receive from the men who are elected a constant and un- tiring vigilance for the city’s good.

The elected are supposed to stand out. In the public eye. They are supposed to lead in civic enterprise, and be fair minded In their dealings so that no one part of the city will profit at the expense of another part. Aldermen are supposed to be always on the alert to guard the civic flnancles, yet many examples can be given of city funds that have been diverted Into nonprofitable channels by hon- est but unwise aldermen. All this and more are the accred- ited and sworn obligations of the elected aldermanlc board.

Nearly all the aldermen live up to these rules in a measure, but some much more than others. The taxpayers have It In their own hands before election day to weigh carefully not only the prom- ises of all aspirants to aldermanlc honors, but also the past actions of those who solicit your vote.

Every man on earth has a record. Look it up. Oet the best possible value for the money you spend. Fairfield Road. All spiritual light must necessarily radiate from this centre, the one mediator between man and God. The Apostle Paul’s epistle to the Colosslans was written to that early church when the errors of agnosti- cism, spiritism, ceremonialism, asceticism and other false philoso- phies were In evidence as enemies to disrupt the church there.

This epistle should certainly be carefully studied, as it is an Inspired protest against all doctrines and cults which to the least degree obscure the completeness of God’s salvation in the finished work of Christ, at the same time stating most def- initely that a living spiritual union with Christ as head of the church, likened to a spiritual body, gives every individual member sufficiency for all spiritual needs.

The new birth is likened to eyesight, so that eternal truth cannot come before the human Intellect unless Christ Ls first seen as the light of Eternity. God manifested in Christ as the Saviour of sinners In death and resurrection. Victoria B. I would appeal to all of you to Contribute whatever you can to tli;it Red Cross service in British Columbia may be continued and extended.

W C rVfe Morning. The statement of some of the members of this honorable body most assuredly gave one food for thought with refer- ence to the Citizens’ Reliet Fund. The question arises why all this hullaballoo at this period, consider- ing that said fund was subscribed some twelve months ago by the ‘so 21 Corner Balmoral Read and Quadra Mtreel Minister: Rev.

The 8weet Bye and Bye” Or. Protiiero Anthem. By Babylon’s Wave’ tOounodt. Minimum on the grass Sunshine. Weather, fair; rainfall. Vancouver- Barometer. Kamloops— Barometer, 29 92; calm; fair. Prince Oeorge — Barometer, 2t»S0; wind, miles; clear. Prince Rupert— Barometer. Estevan Point— Barometer.

W, cloudy. Two years ago he asked ttie I commissioner for assistance; he was starving and desperate. A soldlT, and a man accustomed to very dif- ferent circumstances. It seemed as thouch his lonj? Broken health and real want seemed to pursue him Then thinR.

Ood bless him! The man who has an income running Into four figures, to give, in pro- portion to this man’s rift, would have to live on porridge and do his own housework on what he had left There ls an evil in the land in regard to these men. It seems that If a man owns property he is de- barred from relief work. He mcy own a house, but as he can neither eat. Then, when he has been pauperized, he is allowed to work Had he been al- lowed to earn enough to pav his taxes, he could have saved his house ThU does not seem log- ical.

Can nothing be done about it? The Red Cross Is service to suffering the flag flying. This does not seem to be Justified as except In a very few cases the’ prices beliiR realised wh”n sales take place do not represent a drop of more than 40 per cent from the level, a fall of about 30 per cent. Compare this with the aver- age run of good common stocks.

At today’s prices these represent a drop from the level of about Many bonds consld- good in show a drop of from 30 to 50 per cent. Buyers should also note that the level of real estate prices In Victoria did not represent inflated values, as did the prices of securi- ties. Therefore, when they get an opportunity to buy real estate at a discount of from 30 to 40 per cent from the level It ls an oppor- tunity which should be seized, i citizens for the purpose of allevi- ating the suffering and hardship!

In other words, the last hour repentance of some of the aldermanlc body. Having been asked by a citizen of this city about a hotel that which, he had been informed, was furnished for homeless single men, the writer after making a searching Inquiry with reference to this hotel finds there Is no such place in existence.

There are two hotels where th P single men aie accom- modated, namely, the Yale Rooms. In conclusion, may the writer, sir. The Meteoroloelral Observatory, tales Helchts. Tides at Vtetorin Standard th of Novem- the slightest change for the better in the circumstances of many own- , ,. Banks and local mort- gage concerns have found It neces- sary to take over so many prop- erties that the condition result- ing from holding these frozen assets has become really serious ” It could not be truthfully said that any such condition prevails lrj pany.

SE and moonret of moonrlse and moon set a Standard time i. Street and scattered a load CairpbeUs corner, where he «a alt I red in espress wseon ttarted off on of chairs along the hujhway as far aa. These are contained In the newly- Issued volume called “The Book of Common Order,” which was used for the first time at the Communion service, with which the general council of the church opened its biennial session in Hamilton In September, and which was then for- mally received from the committee on church worship and ritual that prepared It.

It is a guide to Christian de- votion in the house of prayer. United Church ministers are not obliged to use all or any of its orders of service nor its forms of prayer. These are sug- gestive, not obligatory. The word “shall” is indeed ‘used throughout, as. Bi- Acoustic i shipping congregation shall be free ; to follow the leading of the Spirit of Christ in their midst.

It now has a liturgy. Its ministers need no longer depend upon extempore prayers, nor on methods of worship of their own arrangement. They now have orders of service sanctioned by the church’s legislative body. They have printed prayers stamped with the imprimatur of the church’s liturgists. The ritual of the Lord’s Supper, for example. Is modeled after that of Holy Com- munion in the Church of England. Cum- mings of Saanich. You must see it — hear its match- less TONIi You are invited to see this new Victor at any one of the following dealers: ed Church carried forward from the three communions of which It Is composed.

The opening sentence of the preface is that “in the churches which united to form the United Imunion was to administered More than 1. East Indian. The seizures were made at these two homes, the chief said. At Boris” place seventy-five dozen bottles of beer were confiscated and at Singh’s place twelve dozen bot- tles of beer were seized in addition to all the other brewing material.

As for Presbyterians, they have been familiar with directories of worship and books of common order since the beginnings of the Re- formed churches under John Calvin at Geneva. Called the Order of Geneva. Suede Oxfords and Pumps in Mm k rod Brown. Geraldine rag”‘ Mellor and Violet Paget Mellor. Chrissle Butts and Geraldine Paget Mellor sec- onds. Fletcher Bros.

A congregation may arrange an order of service peculiar to itself. What is expected is, to quote the preface again, that “the orders may prove fit to be regarded as norma- tive, and also found flexible for the many-sided life of a growing church. This divine went so far as to call it sinful. This was “the lib- erty of carelessness and slovenli- ness.

Indeed kneeling on the bare pavement was the custom in the time of Knox and for long after- wards. Then followed in the time of the Commonwealth the practice of sitting at prayer After the restoration of Episcopacy in , sitting at prayer was denounced as irreverent and standing became the custom. This attitude was for a long time looked upon as a Scottish Presbyterian trade mark, but the present practice is to sit, with bowed head.

Canadian Presbyterian Ism has not, on the whole, been addicted to li- turgical forms In Its services. Paget Mellor. This was especially true sion. Prayers have been usually of of the Methodist Church, which had the minister’s own composition, a definite ritual from its Inception. I At the same time, it is to be noted There was a prescribed order for baptism, for the Lords 8upper, for matrimony, for the ordination of ministers, for the dedication of a church.

In part, at least, these were practically obligatory on its min- istry. At the same time, a great freedom was accorded both Its min- istry and laity In the expression of their religious life.

Wesley was a unique combination of conservatism and radicalism. His conservative In- stinct and his love of method led him to carry over into his new or- ganization many of the forms of the Church of England, of which he was When You i Move. Four words that save you all worry and incon- venience when Moving Day comes around. Dowell’s is Victoria’s largest and best equipped Moving concern.

If you contemplate Moving, why not telephone Dowell’s and let their representative tell you about their modern methods and give you an estimate? Prepared by a committee of the General Assembly, it received the “general approval” of that body for “voluntary use. Basil and St. Chry- sostom. For this reason the writer will deal next week with the varied sources of the book The book Is avowedly composite Whence did its compilers draw the rich variety of material?

The second section was particularly Interesting to the stu- dents. Sidney Oliver made a short address In pres-. Kathleen Greenwood, Marie Lock. Florence Oreenwood. Doris Hallier, Leonore Crawford. John Routley.

Hilda Wood and Miss Rhoda Walton; and monologue. Miss Norah Cullen. The application for an order wasi made by R. Oartlev from October, , tolber Justice Murphy did not give judgment on the merits of the claim upon which the application for the writ was based, but only on the method of procedure, maintaining the application should be made by petition of right.

Montague Bruce officiated at the funerr-4 service for Caroline Wil- liams m the presence of the family and many friends. The officers and members of the Eastern Star at-] tne intermediate and senior grades tended in a body and conducted w m hold a spelling match, and also Interment put on a short sketch entitled “The All classes will carry on wlih their regular routine, but will be open to receive visitors who may conn- and go at their leisure.

The afternoon programme will commence at o’clock. Camp- bell has consented to act as chair- man. The programme Includes a debate, “Resolved, that secondary, education Is of value to the indi- vidual and the community. Walsh and A. J Humphries acting as pallbearers. Backwoods School Mr. Helgeson and E KC. This meeting was addressed by J. These white certificates are emblematic of a comperent grader and obtained by receiving a certain percentage on tests. The course Is to last approxi- mately four months and meetings are to take place weekly.

At the first regular meeting held ; on November 17 the enrolment in I the senior class was twenty stu- dents, and seventy in the two Junior classes. Dablnette was elected president, and R Halhed secretary; and In Mr. Waldon s class.

Ed Perry, president, and H. It it at you would have it — toft, smooth, youthful — firm yet yielding to your finger tips? You can have a youthful skin— smooth, firm, enticing. One simple rule has laid down by beauty experts-for follow.

Ofiva oil tor youth I Olive oil soothes, smooths and. But how to use it. O0O beauty experts say— in soap, in Palmolivc. Use Palmolive on th« whole body. Loos ar. Both axe cameramen.

Loos being a technician who has a machine with many im- provements which he has adapted himself. What you need right now Is 1MI. No long waiting for your suffer- ing to stop — RU-MA eases pain first day and so quickly and safely ends stiffening, crippling lameness and torturing pain that MacFarlane and Vancouver Drug Stores urges every rheumatic sufferer Jo get a bottle today.

They guarantee it. At the present time he Is under contract to make this picture In Malaysia. This society. The aim of the society Is to study by talks and discussions, latest devel- ln International relations. Bmpress Hotel, p. Empress Hotel, p. Round Table Club dinner. Em- press Hotel. Empress Hotel. As a token of appreciation for his valuable service to the Victoria Short Wave Club. Oordon Howard was made an honorary member for one year at a meeting held at the home of B. Col ley last night.

Mr Howard expressed his thanks to the members for the honor accorded him and promised continued inter- est In the affairs of the club. Business of the meeting Included the receiving of a letter «rom Japan outlining to the local members con- ditions under which amateur radio operators worked In the East.

Gibson will give before the Gyro Club at its weekly luncheon meet- ing tomorrow afternoon. Olb- son is affiliated with the Provincial Department of Education and is head of the high school correspon- dence Instructional courses In this province. Captain Scott has had wide postwar ex- perience on the Continent, which has enabled him to make a study of conditions there.

Hector McNeil, of Glasgow University, a member of the team, will be the speaker and will deal with the dangers facing the world through the economic nationalistic spirit of the times. Ivor B. Jones, the other debater, will also attend the lunch- eon. Other service club members of the city have been Invited to hear the address.

Professor Percy H. Elliott and members of the Victoria College student body will be featured In Tuesday’s programme for the KlwanLs luncheon Oerald Ward, winner of the KlwanLs scholarship, will receive the award from Rev. Election of offi- cers will feature the business.

Clark, at Beach Drive. It will be of stucco and will contain six rooms. It wu an noanred e. M MarwarS. Hunter, who U cltr elerk and riUrnlm offir. Gray, after which he is expected to speak on some subjeot relative to the institution. The luncheon will be a part of the pro- gramme being arranged for Edu- cational Week. He Is expected to deal with the theories and practices of differ- ent types of Socialism. Kinsmen and their wives and lady friends will meet in the grill room of the Empress Hotel on Thursday night for their annual “Ladles’ Night,” when their pro- gramme will consist of short toasts and entertainment, to be followed by dancing.

The affair will be formal. The only activity scheduled for members of the Business and Pro- fessional Women’s Club this week is a party to attend the debate between the visiting English repre- sentatives and J. Fisher and A. Corby, who will uphold Vic- toria’s honors. Members are re- quested to obtain their tickets in advance from Mrs. Sherman lor parking her car without a rear light. May Construct Ferry—Considera- tion will be given by the Depart- ment of Public Works shortly to the question of constructing a new ferry vessel for the Wood ward – Ladner route, Hon.

Bruhn said yesterday, after Inspection at the site. The old ferry has been condemned, and a substitute boat brought down the Fraser River is held Inadequate for the purpose. Kent and officers, the band of the 5th B.

Harry Johns. Pro- ceeds from the concert will be given in aid of the Burnslde 8chool funds. Percy E. George will be the chair- man. Kaalo Member Here — Captain James Fitzsimmons, Conservative member in the Legislature for Kaslo-Slocan, was in the city yes- terday and called on officials of the Provincial Government in connec- tion with affairs In his constituency.

He expressed a hopeful outlook for the future, and said Interior British Columbia areas were more buoyant thnn was apparently the case in urban centres. To Discuss Education — Hon. Joshua Hlnchllffe will address a meeting to be held at the Conser- vative Rooms, Campbell Building, on Wednesday, under the auspices of the Victoria Conservative Asso- ciation.

Willis, president of the association, said yesterday. Bruhn stated yesterday on return from a bumper meeting of t he organization held at Chase. Bennett and Premier Tolmle were elected honorary offi- cers; W.

Newness, president; Cap- tain W.


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