Having Trouble With The Battery

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May 17, 2022
Battery Is Charged But Laptop Stops On Unplug
May 17, 2022

Having Trouble With The Battery

After a lot of searching I found that this device is the “ASUS Probe II Sense Drive.” You should be able to download the driver from the Asus support site under utilities. Or, much less likely, a BIOS update broke it. This is so unlikely because they test BIOS firmware a lot before pushing it to customers, and everyone else would be complaining about the same problem. You could update some of your drivers and BIOS but that should not increase performance all that much if any. Your chipset looks to be already up to date. This is the TVALZ driver for Windows 8.1.

If you hit “uninistall” in the device manager, the PC will no longer detect the battery, so you can only use the laptop when it’s plugged in to a wall outlet. This information allows the operating system to display the correct product name for that piece of hardware in Device Manager. The Intel Chipset Device Software does not install device drivers for the Intel SMBus Controller, resulting in a loss of device functionality. The SMBus is used for system management communications.

Of course, it is ok to use Realtek drivers from their site but to make things easier I prefer to list drivers released by ASUS. I tried to download ASUS Business Manager 1.6.7 but it seems there is a problem with the link. Can you verify if it is working or there is an issue? Thank you drivers for windows for providing the handy Asus drivers all in one place. I can’t find all those in the official website too for my U30JC Notebook.

How To Find A Missing Asus Acpi Driver

If ASUS does not support Windows 10 for your PC model, you can try downloading drivers for Windows 8 or Windows 7, which are always compatible for Windows 10. If yes what can be the solution please.thank you. When I search for the unknown device code it appears to be the Asus Probe II Sense Driver, but the only thing this driver does is placing it under System Devices as unknown device. There is also a Windows Update update for the device, but this update fails. The “Update driver” in device manager also fails.

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  • It’s installing SonicMaster too when it’s installing the Realtek driver.

P0 is always the highest-performance state, with P1 to Pn being successively lower-performance states, up to an implementation-specific limit of n no greater than 16. C1 is a state where the processor is not executing instructions, but can return to an executing state essentially instantaneously. All ACPI-conformant processors must support this power state. Some processors, such as the Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon, also support an Enhanced C1 state for lower power consumption, however this proved to be buggy on some systems. The first revision of the ACPI specification was released in December 1996, supporting 16, 24 and 32-bit addressing spaces.

Safe To Disable “microsoft Acpi

For other vendors, latest LAN drivers for Windows 8.1 work fine on Windows 10. Check the LAN / Ethernet vendor on your ASUS Notebook and download the corresponding driver. Check the Bluetooth vendor on your ASUS Notebook and download the corresponding driver. Check the Audio vendor on your ASUS Notebook and download the corresponding driver. Click the “Global” link in the ATK driver section and save the installer on your computer. If the driver is archived, extract the installer on your hard disk.

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The laptop does not turn on without being plugged in either. Everything worked perfectly prior to reinstall. Here is the BIOS DOWNLOAD, make sure the laptop is plugged in and you have all programs closed. There will be aText filein the same directory you downloaded the tool to. Open it and Copy Paste the Contents to your next post.

You can also use specialized software such as Restoro to fix these types of issues without having to update your firmware. Wait for the software to identify stability issues and possible corrupted files. Restoro is powered by an online database that features the latest functional system files for Windows 10 PCs, allowing you to easily replace any elements that can cause a BSoD error. Afterward, it shows you a list of all of them. You can choose to restore these files with a couple of simple clicks. Device drivers are another potential cause for this problem, so make sure that you’re always using the latest version.

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