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December 10, 2022
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December 10, 2022

MasterCAM Step-by-Step Guide – Harvard GSD Fabrication Lab – Harvard Wiki

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Mastercam Simulation Presentation Files – Cimquest Inc..Mastercam Dynamic Milling | PDF | Machining | Machine Tool

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With the 3D cutting, we have a choice between stepping down in small increments, thus keeping to the rough cut close to the net shape, or a large step down followed but step ups to again, keep the cut close to net shape.

We’ll look at both strategies in this video. One reason you would pick one method over the other will result from the tool that you have available for this roughing toolpath. Typically, endmills will use the large step down with small step up, and high feed cutters will use the small step down only method. As with anything in machining, this is a suggestion and not a rule. To have a full understanding of how to use this toolpath, I would suggest you go through the 2D Dynamic videos and course first.

Some of the same settings and strategies exist in that path and will not be explain in depth in this series. A link to the first video in that series There is a lot to cover in this toolpath, from speeds and feeds, cutting strategy, stock settings, boundaries, filtering, post selection, etc etc Grab a coffee, or a beer, and get comfy. You’re gonna be here a while. Link to video 2 in this series OptiRough Part 2.

Topics: Mastercam Dynamic Milling. Learn how to create more efficient toolpaths using Mastercam’s OptiRough Toolpath.

Written by camInstructor Mike camInstructor Mike is Mike Wearne, an avid machinist, cnc programmer and overall connoisseur of all things machining. Subscribe to Email Updates. Recent Popular Categories. Search Blog. Recent Posts. CamInstructor Inc.


Mastercam 2018 dynamic optirough stock to leave free download


All rights reserved. Information might have changed or been added since this document was published. The latest version mastercam 2018 dynamic optirough stock to leave free download the document is installed with Mastercam or can be obtained from your local Reseller.

A ReadMe file ReadMe. PDF installed with each release includes the latest mastercaam about Mastercam features and enhancements. R Machining geometry color is not displaying correctly. R The Toolpath tab does not display when Mastercam loads a copy of a machine definition. R Multiple selections do not display in mastecram Chain Manager tree. R Planes Manager: the Cplane follows Gview rule does not work. R Regenerating legacy files with Equal Scallop operations causes Mastercam to смотрите подробнее. R Mastercam crashes when Connection cylinder direction is set to auto.

R Prodrill cannot ream holes for drafting and dimension masstercam. R R Manager Unable to select multiple chains for Reversal. D Machine simulation is not supporting WCS properly. D Stock boundary ссылка на страницу not vownload during in Classic backplot. R Lathe Stock boundary fails, and reports false collisions when using overlap. R Turn The Prime Turning toolpath is skipping roughing passes. R Turn The first Z position for Canned groove cycle is mastercam 2018 dynamic optirough stock to leave free download.

Transform toolpath rotates about the wrong axis when using custom WCS. R R Posts MpbinX is deleting. R The trim operation outputs NCI line with no values, causing posting errors. R Wire The 4-Axis wirepath is doubling the U value at the end of the toolpath. D Backplot does not display the final pass of a Ramp. D Mastercam Daylight pc game download does not verify operations that occur after a Stock Model operation.

D Backplot does not display the correct Z coordinate in the Status bar. D Backplot reports an Invalid Feedrate on Contour toolpaths. R The translucent Stock display option in Verify shows triangles around fo edges of masterca part.

D Mastercam imports composite curves as a continuous spline. R Mastercam crashes when the graphics window loses focus. R Customized ribbons and tabs do not migrate correctly. R Opening Mastercam Version 9 files changes the operation order. R Mastercam does not import Creo 2 files correctly. R Displaying surfaces causes a decrease in performance.

R AutoCursor – Override Endpoint does not recognize surface endpoints. R Edge highlighting makes it difficult to see tool features. R Deleting a plane does not remove the geometry association.

S Lathe PrimeTurning misses depth passes. Rfee Lathe -Turn Mastercam reports a stock collision with Left spindle stock when the stock is on the Right spindle. Comments are still posted even when you select the Remove Comments option in the Transform Operation dialog box.

R Tooling Lathe tool insert radius is not smooth in Backplot. R Tooling Slow loading of 3D tools in Backplot. R Manager Manager Manager Exporting an operation replaces the target operations file. Mirror by Geometry in Toolpath Transform does not chain the complete contour. R In File Merge, some entities are not correct when merging with current attributes. R Using Step import for mastercam 2018 dynamic optirough stock to leave free download is producing different results than a previous version of Mastercam.

R File opens with blanked geometry and improper gnomons displayed. R Unicode File does not respect character file path limit. R Mastercam is crashing when saving a file which contains a bad spline. R Geometry Surface Sweep creates a surface in opposite direction. R Geometry Modify Length heals a spline that was trimmed using spline blend. R Geometry Tessellation status disappears before tessellation has been completed during regeneration. Источник статьи active tab on the ribbon is switching when the part file is mastercam 2018 dynamic optirough stock to leave free download, it does not retain the most recent selection.

R Lathe Unable to create a Turn Profile from surfaces. R Turn Calling MP. R Turn Changing a Contour toolpath type to Slot causes an error.

R R D Contour Ramp is not working properly. D Manager Operations using the mastercam 2018 dynamic optirough stock to leave free download key T toggles display off, but узнать больше on.

Windows home n product free download Uppercase conversion in the ribbon failed for some languages in Mastercam Как сообщается здесь More Colors option is causing inconsistent crashes.

R Lathe Stock Advance, Use tool stop. R Lathe There is a Stock collision error on left spindle after working on right spindle. R Lathe Rough Stock is not updating stock. R Hybrid Z stepdowns are inconsistent. R Check Holder does not account doqnload tapered holders correctly. D When tool compensation is set to control the tool is cutting to center of insert.

D Backplot and Mastercam simulation are not displaying cutter compensation in control in Lathe. D Incorrect tab motion for compensation type – control. D DWG file opened in does not have solid names. Mastercam 2018 dynamic optirough stock to leave free download wireframe view mode does not work for mesh models when Show mesh edges is off. R D Lathe Groove multi-plunge is leaving ribs for finish pass.

R Lathe Prime Turning mastercam 2018 dynamic optirough stock to leave free download asecond regeneration to enable extended start of contour. R Lathe Prime Turning is exceeding the maximum depth of the cut setting. R Surface Finish Contour produces gouges in the surface.

R Turn fails when PrimeTurning uses points as chains. Stocl Turn C-axis Contour toolpath cuts geometry in a flat plane instead of following the face. R Tooling Contour with concave tool definition verifies incorrectly unless the shoulder length is equal to the cut length.

Multisurface Rough Pocket generates an Encounter an improper Argument error when Pocket parameters tab is selected. Surface Rough Pocket skips passes when optirouvh spiral inside to outside option is selected. Duplicate tool checking is not respecting the checkbox state when importing operations. D R R R Lathe multi-plunge toolpath is rapiding into the stock. R Operations are not being marked dirty after re-chaining geometry. R Surface Finish Parallel adds splines instead of arcs.

D Manager Long regeneration times for Finish or Contour toolpaths with slot mill undercutting. D ID Threading tool backplots in an incorrect orientation. R D Contour using Compensation Control is backplotting twice textplus windows 10 a circle.

R Drawing dimensions are not importing properly. R Using Command Finder to search in Japanese no longer automatically filters while typing. In Planes, changing Work Offset from within an operation is updating wrong operations. R When the cut method is узнать больше здесь to zigzag in parameters, Dynamic OptiRough is missing cuts.

R Contour Ramp with External corner break radius not working. R Multi Passes with zero finish spacing does not output the compensation code. R Dynamic OptiRough does not cut to bottom of flat ledge. R D Blend is giving dynamuc retract move when using linking parameters retract set to incremental.

R Surface Rough Project acts leavs in this file the second time the operation is created. R Posting Nesting operation causes error and then crash. R Dynamic start point affects the amount of geometry that is cut. D D Dynamic core rest does not regenerate. D Dynamic OptiRest is generating unnecessary air cuts, based on containment boundary settings. D Dynamic Optirest Z Depth settings affect gouging in нажмите чтобы перейти area of the part.

D Raster transition settings are causing gouging the flat surfaces.


Mastercam Black Book –

Mastercam Dynamic Milling – Free download as PDF File .pdf), l For each geometry group, you can assign variable stock to leave values on its walls and. Sample Mastercam mill. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd Tutorial #7 – Surface HS Dynamic OptiRough, Area Roughing – Rest Material.


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